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I have seen your disability show on TV and you said the appeal process is not worth it as it is just an internal appeal. Is the appeal process when you are in a union setting in your opinion the same thing (internal appeal and waste of time as well?).

When you're in a union, depending on the terms of your collective agreement, you may have to file a grievance to challenge your LTD denial, as opposed to starting a legal action with the courts. To determine if your collective agreement requires this, you should speak to an LTD lawyer at our firm for a free consultation.

If you are in fact required to file a grievance instead of litigating, then you may, again pursuant to your collective agreement, also have a duty to appeal the LTD denial (sometimes more than once) before starting the grievance process.

So in short, the analysis may or may not change when you're in a union, depending - and you should speak to an LTD lawyer early-on in order to figure that out.
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