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Hello! I got into a very difficult situation. I moved from Quebec, where I was on disability since 2013. here I was forced to undergo a disability recognition procedure again and eventually was denied. I have a very severe form of systemic scleroderma with pulmonary fibrosis. Only 57% of the vital volume of the lungs remained. I hardly move and almost constant shortness of breath with severe coughing and often to vomiting. But according to the Minister, if I can walk on my own, cook and wash, then I have no right for help. It turns out that in order to be recognized as a disabled person you need to be completely paralyzed or be in a coma? I was given the right to appeal, but with such requirements, I am not sure that I can win the process. Please advise - what to do?

Is your question regarding long term disability with an insurance company, or through the government? If it's through the government we can't assist unfortunately.
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