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I am currently on Ltd through my company’s group plan through rbc for just under a year now and they have sent me an education form asking for my education, computer skills and if I want to speak with a vocational rehabilitation specialist. What is this? Should I answer yes or no? I am not yet recovered. I assume they are trying to figure out the fit for my job versus any job scenario . I only have high school education and went straight to my current work place where I’ve been for over 20 years and make very good money so not sure where a vocational specialist would fit in. I don’t think there are any accommodations that could be made but am thinking i should say yes or it will appear as I’m refusing to have them try? Any advice?

I would recommend that you say yes. You are correct. They are trying to assess your vocational abilities and options and whether you have transferable skills. If at any point they try to force you back to work or tell you that your benefits will end before you are ready to go back to work, let me know and we will help. My contact info is below.
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