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I caught covid last year at work, at the time i was working part time. I returned to work on modified duties from jun to October, i was then sent home by my manager because i was not progressing in modified duties. I have been off work since.. i have now developed long haul covid.
I have tried to apply for LTD but my work
place has indicated that i am not entitled as i have never worked full time duty . Is this
correct. I went full time in june 2021

If you ever had STD/LTD coverage, then it should not be up to your employer to refuse to give you application forms. They should provide them, and then the payor/adjudicator of the policy (which could be your employer, but is more likely an insurance company) can deny you based on coverage, and explain their decision in a denial letter which you can then get assessed by a lawyer.

If, however, you never had STD/LTD benefits at all/to begin with (because you were never an insured employee under the collateral benefits policy at all), then it would make sense for them to refuse to provide the application forms (assuming that's accurate).

Also, if you're in a union you should ask them about this too.
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