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I'm 52yrs old and I've been on LTD and CPPD for 11yrs. It started with having cancer and over the years other serious mental and physical impairments have developed and continue to render me disabled. The insurance company essentially leaves me alone except for annual activity of daily living reports I need to complete and attending physician updates for my Dr to complete. They used to ask for these every 6mths but it's now annually. I've also been followed a few times, from what I can tell, by a private investigator over the years. My primary care physician agrees I'll never be able to get back to work and I have both objective and subjective medical evidence to support my claim. My Dr and I have discussed many times that I'll never get back to work but he's never explicitly put that down on the insurance forms. Will the insurance company ever advise that I'm simply approved until I turn 65yrs old or am I going to have to continuously keep getting forms to fill out proving my disabilities?

It's likely that your insurer will continue these annual check-ins and updates on your health. While on LTD, you have an ongoing obligation to show that you continue to meet the definition of disabled, and so the insurer has to right to request such evidence and updates.
If your insurer gives you a hard time or tries to end your benefits for any reason, please let us know right away and we will help (contact information can be found below).
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