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I have been on LTD for almost 5 years now and I can say my Employer has been good to continue to pay their regular half of my pension plan and EHB since, and has not terminated me. I'm paid disability rate of half by co. insurance and half by CPPD. I will reach 65 years old soon. My question is will my employer owe me any severance pay when I reach 65 as I'm assuming they will let me go then? As all private disability payments and CPPD will stop? Or is the fact they continued to pay their half of benefits and company pension mean that's all I should expect? Its only been a couple of hundred per month in pension. I don't want to sound greedy but just don't want to sign any paperwork sent if I'm owed something more at 65 and they terminate me that I'm not aware of. Thanks.

Thank you for your question. As it does relate to your employment, I recommend that you contact our employment law team at or 1-855-821-5900 if you are non-unionized. If you are unionized, you should speak with your union representatives.
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