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In 2016 my husband had emergency surgery for an 8.1cm thoracic aneurysm, and dissected aorta. A stent repaired his left renal artery. 5 days later he had open heart surgery because the stent caused damage that led to a bleed into his heart. In 2018 he had extensive thoracic aortic replacement surgery. While in CSICU we were informed that at some point he would require abdominal aortic replacement. 3 months later, a CT scan revealed that the renal stent is thrombosed. Blood work is done monthly to monitor his kidney function as the panel of doctors reviewing his case does not want to perform kidney surgery as the fear is it will impede the future surgery in the abdomen. My husband is now 50 years old, and his LTD Is talking about cutting him off. He was approved for CPP disability in 2018 after LTD (Manulife) informed he had to apply or be cut off. CPP accepted the claim right away and reimbursed Manulife for their portion of the claim. Manulife keeps extending the LTD, but also saying they are reviewing his claim, and suggesting he looks for work (his job of 20 years was bought by a new company in 2017 and while he was on LTD his job was terminated because he had restrictions that would not be accommodated-this issue was resolved by the Human Rights Tribunal). My husband is worried that Manulife will end his LTD. what are our options.

If your husband continues to be unable to work and his doctors confirm this then Manulife should absolutely NOT cut him off. If they set a cut off date despite what his doctors say then contact me ASAP and we will help. We deal with situations like this all the time and resolve such disputes with insurance companies. My contact info is below. Do NOT let Manulife bully you. Your husband is clearly entitled to benefits.
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