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i'm 18 months into LTD with Manulife and case worker is really stressing me out about doing their recommended programs for return to work. I already have my own therapists and have been attending sessions with various associations that help me with my situation. The last thing I need is for LTD Insurer to add to my pile! Can they stop payment at 2 years? Now? if I don't do what they say? As it happened a contract position did come up for 6 months with very very very minimal requirements, nothing compared to my previous work for over 30 years. Will I be penalized if I work if on LTD? I am off work due to chronic anxiety and depression. If I relapse while trying this contract position will my benefits continue?

They can't stop your payments if you can't work in any other occupation for which you are suited for after 2 years. If they tell you that your benefits will end, contact me ASAP and we will help. In terms of treatments and recommended programs, you have an obligation to do any reasonable treatment programs, but I always tell people to follow the advice of their OWN doctors first and foremost. If you do try to return to work and find that you're unable to continue, you generally have a certain amount of time within which you can go back on LTD without having to wait the elimination period (the period of time where you apply for LTD and have to wait with no payments coming to you). That's called a "recurrence clause" and it should be in your LTD policy. Check your LTD policy to see how long it is. Usually it's for 6 months, but check your specific policy.

Again, if the insurer cuts you off or tells you that your benefits are going to stop and you are NOT able to work, let me know ASAP and we will discuss your legal options (at no cost). My contact info is below.
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