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Hi I’ve been on LTD for almost one year. Just had back surgery last summer. How have nerve damage in right foot and lower leg. Can not sit , stand or walk for more than 20 minutes. GWL would like to do an assessment of my condition and have me go back to work using a stand up desk. They believe this will resolve the problem. I’m worried if I go back and still have problems sitting and standing they will not cover me going forward. My commute is also 3 hours a day and my job requires I’m at my desk 9 hours . My question is , if I go back to work and it doesn’t work out what are the chances that I get approved for LTD again?

Excellent question. First of all, follow your doctors’ recommendations regarding going back to work. Don’t let the insurance company dictate that for you. Secondly, most LTD policies contain a recurrence clause that allows a person to go back on LTD if the return to work fails within a certain period of time (typically within 6 months), but the reality is that many insurers end up rejecting such requests to go back on LTD. Speak with your doctors about the best medical course of action. Whatever happens, if the insurer cuts you off or denies your recurrent claim if your return to work attempt fails, call or email me ASAP at my contact info below and we will help.
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