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Recently without my knowledge my insurance administrator has been dropped by my insurance company that provides me LTD for the past 7 years. Apparently my policy does not exist I called the insurance company and they gave me a claim number . Now I'm receiving information in the mail in regards to reassessing my condition. My doctor made it very clear to them I am currently disabled not able to work or do any work because of my disability. It's quite confusing they also missed paying me last week I had to call them and they deposited the funds in my account. Do we foresee a problem here I think they're trying to get me off of the policy it does not exist anymore I'm not sure what to do my plan administrator is no longer with the LTD company LTD company are sending me reassessment letters I thought I would be grandfathered in I think they're looking to cut me off can they do that.

If you've been on LTD for the past 7 years then the only way your benefits could stop is if you reach the age limit (generally it's age 65) or if you don't meet the disability test under the policy or if you don't comply with the terms of your LTD policy. If for whatever reason they cut you off or stop paying you, let me know ASAP and we will help. My contact info is below.
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