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I suffered a major stroke I've been off work now for a couple of years I have been deemed permanently disabled by my neurologist I am paralyzed. I have struggled and struggled now my insurance company is asking me they can find work for me. I can barely put on my clothes I have PSW. I have PSW that help me dress and shower. Have the insurance companies lost their mind I'm paralyzed and they're threatening to cut me off if I don't go back to a modified position or they will find me a job. This is added a great deal of stress on top of my challenges I already have can they cut me off and can they force me to go back to a different job of their liking. Keep in mind I am paralyzed my means of Mobility is by a wheelchair. They asked if I could answer phones this is getting completely out of hand with them I've noticed them delaying my pay which is twice a month which is causing me to be late on my rent. LTD company Industrial Alliance has some major issues I don't seem to care that my doctor has written to them they want to ignore everything and they want to delay paying benefits what can I do.

Wow. I’ve seen and heard almost everything but this is quite shocking. No, they can’t force you to go back to work or a different job if your doctors confirm they you can’t. If they threaten to cut you off, call or email me at my contact info below ASAP and we will help.
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