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How do I request a copy of my LTD provisions? I am with Sun Life and the policy is the Government of Canada LTD policy I believe, even though I worked at a crown corporation. I would rather not draw too much attention to myself by contacting my HR, or Sun Life. I believe when I tried to contact Sun Life they told me there was no Government of Canada LTD document available. Is this false?

What I am particularly interested in knowing is how much if at all one can at some point in the future volunteer, earn by working a bit (# of hours and $ amount/year) or if one can go to school/retrain even to take one course or part-time and still be on Sun Life LTD. Since I have to report to Sun Life at least once a year and they are not a charity, it is nerve-wracking. But no one gets better by sitting in a dark room. Thank you for your time! If you don't know this info for my policy how would you suggest I obtain it? I would rather not contact my HR.

You will need to request your LTD policy through the insurer or HR. I don’t know how else you could get it.
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