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I'm presently on long term disability and Canada Disability Pension. I've been on LTD for a long time 8 years. If my employer wants to cut ties with me releasing me because they know I will not come back not able to do the job anymore. Do I lose payments from LTD and my Canada Disability Pension basically does the company have the right to cut me off and pay me out severance how does that work if I'm on LTD till the age of 65. I'm nowhere near 65 what happens to my pension contribution the company's making till the age of 65 quite confused with this matter if my disability contract with the companies tell the age of 65 receiving LTD.

Your LTD and CPP Disability continues irrespective of what happens with your employment. If you continue to be disabled then the employer can cut ties on the basis of "frustration" of the employment contract.
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