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If you are permanently disabled would it be in your best interest to ask for a severance however that may erase your LTD benefits how does that work. Do I lose my LTD benefits or is a severance package from the company completely different from your LTD benefits from the insurance company do I remain on LTD it was my impression that if you get a severance package from the company you are automatically dropped from long term disability obviously can you comment on that would that be beneficial.

If you get severance then your insurer will likely get credit for. Look at your LTD policy. It will contain provisions stating what your insurer can deduct from your LTD payments. In many instances that includes severance. If you do receive severance that does not mean that you stop qualifying for LTD. You should continue to receive LTD (less any severance you get) if your policy allows for severance deduction from your payments.
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