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Hi. Ive been off work since 2017. Denied from Sunlife twice after appeal. They state its due to medical proof. I was awaiting psych appointment and then they lost my referral which took over a year. Now im waiting and seeing someone sooner as it is virtual, for Apr.23. Since being off not only do i suffer from depression/anxiety and vertigo since day one of applying for LTD, but now also have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis (diagnosed by rheumatologist), and low thyroid. ive been working with same company since 2010. im planning third appeal as i have upcoming psych appt. Sunlife also stated in past why havent i tried to go back to work. Question: should i try to go back now even with new medical diagnosis's? or will that hurt my claim of me trying to get LTD? or does it show that ive try to return to work and i cant? please help! thank you!

Please do NOT go through a third appeal! These appeals go nowhere. Call or email me directly at my contact info below and we will discuss your situation. You should absolutely NOT go back to work if you are disabled from working and if your doctors don't think you should go to work. Call or email me and we'll discuss your legal options for free.
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