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I have been on long term disability payments. for which I have been sent a wage loss T4A. The disability carrier is Manulife. I have to file returns from 2013 (when I started to receive this benefit) until the present. When I received my first few payments I called Manulife because it appeared all they were deducting was federal tax. Over the last five years I have spoken to 7 people at Manulife about this and they have told me I pay federal tax but not Ontario income tax. There is supposed to be an exemption on paying Ontario income tax. I cannot find this exemption on the tax form or guide, but Manulife representatives say this is why I don't have Ontario tax deducted. The last lady I spoke to said she had done the job for 20 years and had never heard of any clients paying Ontario tax. What can you tell me? Thanks.

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