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Hi so I’m on long term disability with great west life with cpp disability for injure to my arm which required two surgeries and also just had thyroid removed for cancer, this has caused me problems with anxiety and depression also for which I’m being treated from family doctor , prior to this happening my husband and I booked a cruise to celebrate his retirement that is to occur in October 2019 it’s paid for and as I said was booked two years ago when I thought life would get back to normal . My doctor has said the trip would prob be very good for me at this time however I’m wondering if I need to let the insurance company know my doctor intacted I prob should but I’m having anxiety attack just thinking about this !!!

Look at your LTD policy to check if there are any provisions in there that limit your time out of the country. It’s not a bad idea to let the insurance company know if you are leaving the country but be cognizant also about how they may perceive this trip and what conclusions they may draw from it. Whatever you decide to do, limit any social media postings about the trip and your activities. Insurance companies often scan social media in relation to individuals on claim. If for whatever reason your insurer cuts you off or denies your claim for LTD, call or email me at my contact info below ASAP and we will help.
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