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I have been on Long Term Disability since 2012 through insurance company from my employer. I am in heart failure and cannot work. I also receive CPP Disability. I have paid monthly for my Extended Health care benefits to my employer since 2012. I annually update the insurance company of my health information as well as my doctor providing necessary forms as required. Today I received a letter instructing me to send a copy of my Notice of Assessment for last year filed income tax due to them in 30 days or benefits stop. Also I have been instructed to complete another medical update (which has been done annually due every December)and also ordered in 30 days or LTD benefits stop. A letter was attached suggesting that due to my employers benefit plan the amount of my disability from the insurance company all these years is in question. I’m in shock. Does this sound like a usual practice? I will be on LTD until next June 8th 2020 when I reach age 65. Please respond ASAP. This has caused me great stress certainly not congruent with my heart situation. Thank you very much.

Insurers engage in all kinds of behaviour for the purpose of trying to end LTD benefits prematurely. In your case it certainly seems like they are suspicious of some inaccuracy of the reporting of your health and income. This could all be a “fishing expedition” on their end but rest assured that if they deny your claim or end your benefits prematurely and unjustly, we will do everything in our power to help you. My suggestion is that you do what you can to comply with their requests and if they tell you that they are stopping your benefits before you reach age 65, let us know ASAP.
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