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In June 2018, I was let go from my job due to restructuring. In July 2018, I was diagnosed with a serious illness and went on Std and LTD and have been on disability ever since (based on my previous employment) with the support of my doctor. Out of the blue I met for coffee with an old colleague and he was very interested in me. He made me an offer for a new job after only one interview. My doctor thinks that he would still support me on disability however thanks that it is worth trying to go back to work since the offer came up. According to my current LTD policy with Sun Life, it says that if I were to have a relapse and become ill within six months of going off LTD, then I could go back onto the Sun Life LTD. If I were to accept this new job, and has relapse of my illegal which did not allow me to work before the six months is up, which LTD would I go on, the one from the previous job or the one from the new job. I ask this because, my old LTD with Sun Life pays much more than the new LTD with Great West (which I anyways would not be entitled for two months).


If you are reapplying under the recurrence clause of the original policy then it’s the original LTD policy with Sun Life you’d be applying for.
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