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I am an inventor of a product. I am totally disabled. My husband runs the company full-time and reveives a wage. I am the creative designer but design from my recliner in my home. I don't receive a wage but I do have shares in the company. We have a big retailer wanting to bring my invention into stores which means the company will be financially well off. Do I have to come off my LTD and CPP even though I am not getting a wage? Eventually my shares will be worth something possibly. Please help as I have to fill out my LTD papers and don't want to get into trouble.

Most LTD policies have provisions that entitle the insurer to get a credit for “income” earned by a claimant. The question in your situation is whether the potential shares you are describing constitute income. It really depends on the wording of your specific policy. Get a copy of your policy and then contact me so we could help you review it.
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