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I was hit by a car while riding my bike 3 years ago. I had a fractured pelvis, concussion, abrasions, bruising. I have been diagnosed with major depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, tinnitus, headaches. I was paid IRB for just less than 2 years, I had to go on EI sick benefits, I'm trying to get CPP disability but was just denied again despite many assessments and reports from doctors and specialists saying that "it's unlikely she will return to her pre accident baseline" and "unable to return to any competitive employment" and that my injuries are both severe and long term. Insurance refuses to pay me IRB, I haven't had an income for 1.5 years. My lawyers are helping me but I'm also at the end of the $65,000 for major Injuries med rehab. I've just been through CAT assessments and waiting for reports back. What happens with all of the debt I'm accumulating and interest adding up on my line of credit? because I can't pay bills, medication, med rehab. Who pays for that? How is it fair that I have to go into debt because I was the victim of a collision?
My husband has extended benefits but not LTD. The insurance company denied the second treatment plan for Psychology because I was "out of money" of the $65,000 but I actually had $15000 available. My mental health is suffering because I haven't had consistent help for the past year. Can the insurance be charged for punitive damages? They also cut off my IRB just one month before the 2 year mark. They also denied an OT the first time we applied, despite having a fractured pelvis and not being able to even walk or bath myself. I suffered greatly the first year especially because i was in severe pain and was only approved for an OT over 6 months later, only approved a PSW after 8 months, despite needing one immediately. I feel like I'm being punished and taken advantage of. The insurance company also hasn't been able to provide an itemized receipt for anything that's been paid out, they just send vague cheques that are say prescriptions all lumped in together but I don't know which ones they've paid. They have taken over 2 months to even get back to my lawyers and still we don't have the itemized receipts.
I was working full time but did not have any benefits and not covered under car insurance as I was a cyclist. I'm 30 and unsure if I will be able to have a safe pregnancy or even be able to hold a baby due to pain but also take care of a baby with my mental health issues now. Can future family planning be considered in my lawsuit?

Thank you!

You should speak with your lawyer about options. Unfortunately if you have no access to long term disability then the only options I could suggest are government funded disability plans like ODSP or Ontario Works, etc.
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