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Hello, Thank you very much for your helpful answers. I am a few months into STD for depression. The weekly calls from Blue Cross (my insurer) have been causing me great anxiety. I emailed my case manager to ask: 1) if we can conduct these conversations by email, and 2) for a full copy of my disability policy (and for him to point to where phone calls are required). His response was: 1) he was “okay to email me for now but would like us to work our way to communicating by phone since I would eventually need to answer the phone in a work situation”. This sounds like an excuse to get me on the phone; would it look bad to insist on email if the policy doesn’t say it’s required? And two, he said it would take 2 weeks for me to get a mailed copy of the policy; I asked why I can’t get an online copy by email. What are your thoughts if they are being unreasonable?

You are being very reasonable. You can state that you do not feel comfortable speaking with him by phone and that you need the communications to be all done via email unless he can show you where in the policy it requires you to speak by phone. If there are issues or the insurer cuts you off because of this, call or email me ASAP at my contact info below and we will help.
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