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I had heart surgery in November went back to work end of February and my employer laid me off after working for them 22 years March 5. I did not collect sick leave while I was off. I was looking for employment right away and ended up not feeling well and my heart was giving me problems so my Dr said to take it easy till the end of the year (2019). I am not able to go back to work because Im not well one day I have no energy and lethargic the next few days and need to rest. I don't have insurance anymore and I have been informed to apply for Dissabiliy until I am ready to go back to work. How do I apply for Disability and can I apply for Disability

There are several issues here that we should discuss. Firstly, if you became disabled while you were still employed and if you had disability coverage through work when you became disabled, you should immediately apply for that (short term and/or long term - whatever you had available). If you are rejected/denied, contact me ASAP. Secondly, the fact that you were let go from your job entitles you to severance. If you were unionized then your union should help you. If you were not unionized then we can advise you on the appropriate severance amount (assuming you haven't signed any papers from your former employer). Please contact me at my phone number or email below and we can discuss both your disability and employment issues.
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