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I was approved ltd on May 31st 2019 and I have been seeing a My claims adjuster just called not even 2 months later telling me my family doctor thought I'd be able
to return to work Sept maybe part time as last time I saw her I was feeling much better so I said those words and she said that to claims person. I now broke my foot but I also asked her about seeing a social worker as I told her that my therapist even called and they said it was okay but she said I need to see a psychiatrist or psychologist. I'm off for depression and anxiety and am a teacher.
Can the claims adjuster force you back to work even though my social worker and I told her the adjuster on the phone said I'm no where ready to go back. Why would they approve me if I feel they are already trying to make me go back? I'm on meds but am nowhere where I need to be to be with children in elementary position.

You are not alone. This happens frequently. You should get a letter from your social worker and your doctor saying that at present you are not able to go back to work. Give those letters to your adjuster. If they are still forcing you back to work or threaten to cut your LTD payments off, call or email me ASAP and we will help. My contact info is below.
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