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After about 8 years on LTD, I have been through 2 different case workers assigned to me, now there is a third and she is asking to do a phone “interview”. They have all the medical info on file, so what should I expect? Are they looking for ways to terminate benefits by what I say? Or simply an update because it’s a new worker? I already have an anxiety condition and this is giving me extreme anxiety feeling like they want to use my own words against me on the call. I have a very long medical history, including a bad car accident 20 years ago where my body flew over an overpass and landed on the highway below....and I feel I can’t possible tell this new person all the information I need a short “interview”, so what is this call for? I haven’t been able to get out of bed due to severe (obviously irrational) anxiety over this, which just proves to me I am not able to go back to work (among other physical issues due to car accident(s), depression, thyroid, pain etc). This new worker threatened to cut off my benefits because I was late getting one form in to apply for CPP, so this new worker is making me feel awful.Pls advise, Thank you so much

Your anxiety is completely understandable. I'm not sure why they need the interview but you should do it or they may cut you off for non-compliance. Have someone with you for support. If for whatever reason they tell you that they are cutting you off, let me know ASAP and we will intervene and help you. We handle situations like this all the time and we will force them to pay you what you are owed. My contact info is below.
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