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I am on LTD for 4 years now with paranoid schizophrenia and social agoraphobia (i.e. I avoid public places, crowds, malls, travelling in buses, etc...). My question is: if I drop my daughter to the bus stop early every morning in the dark for her to catch the bus to go to work, do you think my insurance company would have a problem with this every day morning activity based upon the symptoms I have told them. I have no restrictions on driving.

They might but ultimately if your doctors say that you are disabled because of your conditions then they should not cut you off. Insurers cut off people for all kinds of reasons, and many times are wrong to do so which is why we fight them and force them to pay what they owe claimants. In your situation, if you are cut off or they threaten to cut you off for any reason, call or email me ASAP at my contact info below and we will discuss your legal options.
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