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I am a 59yr old female. I have worked at the same company for 28yrs as a software consultant. In 2016 I suffered a heart attack and was in hospital for 10 days. I learned that I have heart disease (HCM) and heart block (I now have a pace maker). I currently suffer from fatigue and low energy levels, which I am trying to resolve through my cardiologist. Since this medical episode my Crohns disease has flared, where I was facing a bowel resection but having given it time I have been slowly recovering to the point I hope that I do not have to have the surgery. Currently I am suffering from chronic hip pain and lower back pain which may or may no be linked to my Crohns. In December of 2017 I was taken to emergency with chest pains and now have a stress test scheduled for next week. I have been on LTD for about a year. To my surprise, my case worker has recently told me that she was referring my file to their rehab specialist working towards returning to work. The case worker told me that she had contacted my cardiologist and GI and found no limitations to rehab. (which is news to me) Although I am scheduled for a stress test this week and have a follow up appointment with my cardiologist in February. I feel that I am unable to participate in a rehab program at this point, but my case worker told me that I was required to participate and that if I did not my LTD benefits would cease. I am both upset and frustrated by this as last month my case worker told me that she would be sending CPP documentation to my doctor. ( even though she told my I would be declined- the forms have yet to be sent). My goal is to return to work but my current health is a mess and I cant imagine working in a high stress role that my position requires.
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